Coldwell Banker Agents, are you ready for a cool e-business card with this 2 minute listing presentation? 

Now's your chance to customize the base program that Coldwell Banker produced for your use. 


Option 1 - Photo Only


  1. Contact Information
  2. Still Portrait Provided to Rockin' Media
  3. Up to 5 Bullet Points (5 words each)
  4. 2 - 2014 or later Colorado Homes TV Show Listings

Note: this option does not include a new portrait photo.

Option 2 - Photo & Video


  1. Contact Information
  2. Still Portrait Provided to Rockin' Media
  3. Up to 5 Bullet Points (5 words each)
  4. 2 - 2014 or later Colorado Homes TV Show Listings
  5. 15 Second Video Intro AND/OR Video Business Card

If I want to order an Option 2, when can I shoot the video? 
****First, order your Rockin' Business Card then schedule your appointment****

If you're selecting Option 1, you don't need to schedule an appointment

Available Date(s)

May 6, 2015  from 11:30-3:30, Coldwell Banker Boulder Office, Click here to schedule


Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?  It's a 2 minute video that promotes you and the Coldwell Banker Tools that set you apart from others. It's quick and shows all the tools that you have available to market a property.

How can I use it?  You can be uploaded it to your YouTube channel (or ours if you don't have one), to Coldwell Banker's YouTube channel, and then you can attach that link to your Facebook, e-mails, CB Profile and many other places.  Take a copy of it on your tablet or iPad and show it during listing presentations. Send it in your pre-listing e-mails or post-listing e-mails.

What do I need to do?  First, you'll want to decide whether you want a Rockin' Business Card that only uses your portrait or one with motion video of you with an optional short intro to the video.  Then, you'll need to order the Rockin' Business Card where you'll give us some key information to be included in the Rockin' Business Card during the order process.  Finally, you'll need to upload your print-resolution portrait photograph.

Why would I do a Rockin’ Business Card?  It’s the best way to get yourself and all the marketing tools that you have available through Listing Rewards in front of a potential seller.  With Listing Rewards, you have a fleet of Ferraris that often is sitting in your garage.  This is the best way to let everyone know about the tools you have at your disposal.

How long is the Video?  It’s quick – about 2 to 2 ½ minutes.  It’s fast paced – to keep their interest.

How much is it?  It’s affordable – for under $200, you can get a customized version of the Rockin’ Business Card that would cost you thousands if you wanted to create your own.

Where can I use it?  Attach it to your signature line.  Put it on Facebook or other social media.  Upload it to your own YouTube channel.  One of the most useful places it can be used is for you to send it out to a seller right after you make a listing appointment.  No one else has these marketing tools, but you may not even get to the listing appointment to show them if they select someone else before you arrive.

I don’t like being in front of the camera what if I can’t do it?  First, the video intro is short – about 15-20 seconds. Most people can memorize that many sentences – especially if they get enough takes.  You have as many as you need.  It takes most people about 6-10 takes.  Secondly, if you really don’t want to do the video intro version, we have an option where you only need to send Rockin’ Media your portrait photo (need it for the video intro version too), and we’ll put it together.

How long does it take to record?  It takes about 15 minutes to record your introduction.

Where can I record it?   We’re trying to schedule as many sessions at your office.  As the number of people remaining to record gets smaller, the spacing between the sessions will increase.  You’re always welcome to record at any of the other Coldwell Banker offices too.

What should my intro say?  It should be about 15-20 seconds long and refer to the tools that they're going to see.  "Hi, I’m _____.  For ___ years I’ve been helping find buyers the home of their dreams, and sellers to get the most from their property.  With the amazing marketing tools that Coldwell Banker has, and my background, it’s a winning combination.”

What should I wear?  Anything that represents how you want to portray yourself to a potential client.  Just don’t wear green since we use a green screen.

What can I use for my background?  We’ll videotape you in front of a green screen, so don’t wear green.  Then we’ll key in a photo behind you.  Rockin’ Media has about 100 photo options for you to choose from, or you can provide one of your own – if it’s 2000 pixels wide.  Some people prefer city backgrounds, others landscapes, while others have preferred a nice luxury home interior.  It’s totally up to you.

What can I customize?  We’ll add your contact information, 5 bullet points up to 5 words each, 2 of your CB TV show listing (if you have them), and your name at the top of every frame to tie you to the Coldwell Banker Tools.

Why can’t I customize the brochures/flyers part of the video too?  We had to decide what was most important to customize, so that it’d be affordable.  If you want to, we can customize those as well for an additional cost.

What do I receive?  You’ll get an e-mail with a link to the YouTube version that’s uploaded to Rockin’ Media’s Rockin’ Business card channel.  You’ll also receive a link to download the video to put on your laptop or iPad to take with you.  This can also be uploaded to your YouTube channel and Coldwell Banker’s YouTube Channel.  You’ll also receive a mini “business card” with instructions on how to put it on your e-mail signature line.

How long does it take?  About 5-7 days from the date you order it or from when we videotape you.

Why does it take 5-7 days?   After we customize the program, it takes the computer about 3 hours to render each Rockin’ Business Card.

Where can I sign up?  www.RockinBusinessCard.com.

Available Dates:

May 6, 2015  from 11:30-3:30, Coldwell Banker Boulder Office, Click here to schedule